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We argue that the arts may be the most powerful way to effect change, whether political, commercial, social or personal.

Welcome to the fascinating world of Artworks, a platform where we mix the arts and business from around the world. We work to become the go-to resource for inspiring and educating about the intersection between the arts and business.

Our mission is to change the way you imagine arts and business together. We are a company striving to foster deeper understanding about the role of the arts in our society. We are all about exploring ideas, sparking new ventures, helping companies to visualise new opportunities and to increase bottom line profits.

Some words about Artworks journal

“A fantastic resource to improve business activity in the arts”
Noah Horowitz, Executive Director at The Armory Show

“Without a doubt, Artworks is the best looking and also editorially the most important platform in Scandinavia”
Pontus Silfverstolpe, arts and antiques expert and co-founder of

“This is certainly very timely and has some great contributors”
Jeremy O’Sullivan, Cultural Attaché at European Commission

“Have to say that Artworks Journal is the most energetic and inspiring magazine that I’ve read in a long time!”
Helene Stallin, curator at Regionmuseet Kristianstad, Sweden

“This is too good only to be published in Scandinavia”
Jan Widlund, art collector, lawyer, vice chairman The Friends of Museum of Modern Art Stockholm

“Love the Artworks platform, very proud to be involved”
Ajaz Ahmed, Founder at AKQA

In the final part of the interview Ulf Waltré asks Lars Strannegård about the intangible value of culture as part of education
culture, Interview 7 min to read

Stina Lindholm explains that collaboration with businesses need to go beyond sponsorship
business, Opinion 3 min to read

You can witness, but not see them; feel, but not touch; value, but not spend them. Jim McClelland looks at how to measure the intangible
business, Feature 9 min to read

In the arts and in business, we always crave what we can’t predict. Geoff Northcott and Ron Peterson from AKQA explain
business, Feature 7 min to read

David Pearl's top improv-meisters
business, less than 1 min to read

Over the last 44 years Umeå has changed and developed dramatically. Dominic Rodgers meets Krister Olsson, the man who has helped along the way
people, Interview 8 min to read

Arts organisations need as much creative thinking behind the scenes as they put into their programmes. Ezra Konvitz, co-founder of ArtStack suggests three ways to improve

Among the most powerful women in Nordic business, Jeanette Bonnier tells Henrik Kanekrans about one of her most powerful experiences with the arts
people, Interview 3 min to read

Betahaus, Berlin 
 A 2500 square meter coworking space in the heart of Berlin with the typically raw Kreuzberg feel. The laid-back and spacious venue features a great cafe on the ground floor and holds popular workshops and conferences. There’s even a maker area where you can build your own prototype. 
 Phil, Vienna 
Probably Vienna’s most heterogeneous place, phil is a coffee shop, bar, restaurant, and bookshop. It is also one of Vienna’s most interesting literary cafés with comfortable and [...]
digital, 1 min to read

Welcome to the era of pure office exodus, where no one needs an office, or any defined place to get work done, according to Victoria Stoyanova, European Regional Manager of UP Global
digital, Opinion 4 min to read

With the pace of change whistling past us at a frenetic rate Dominic Rodgers turned to philosopher and founder of The School of Life Alain de Botton to pause for thought
people, Interview 9 min to read

Media entrepreneur Viggo Cavling takes on the leading character when Stockholm hot-spot restaurant Riche embark on a 100-day webTV series aimed at turning Viggo into an admired line chef
culture, Bite Size less than 1 min to read

Are the lines between art and fashion blurring more and more, or is the fashion world just riding on art's coat tails? Julie Vidal looks back at their chequered history
culture, Feature 5 min to read

Artworks' editor in chief Dominic Rodgers reflects on what the arts and business can draw as Brazil lose, and Germany win big time
culture, Bite Size 3 min to read

In the second part of the interview Artworks contributor Ulf Waltré sits down with the new president of Stockholm School of Economics Lars Strannegård to discuss how SSE stands out against the world’s best schools
culture, Interview 9 min to read

From love affair to legacy, Vanessa Branson explains how the arts are the secret jewel in the Moroccan crown
gallery, Bite Size 1 min to read

Charles Saumarez Smith, secretary and chief executive of the Royal Academy of Arts, asks whether art education in Britain is going in the right direction
culture, Feature 3 min to read

Reviving the use of traditional, locally sourced materials offers more than economic and environmental benefits. Brad Turner, co-founder of the Materials Council, champions seaweed, thatch and timber
culture, Feature 7 min to read

Jeremy Melvin, curator of the World Architecture Festival and programme director at the Royal Academy of Arts, explores the relationship between culture and commerice in the history of great cities
culture, Feature 15 min to read

Talking about yourself constantly is no way to make friends. Ezra Konvitz, co-founder of ArtStack, gives the inside track on social media and shows it’s not the number of friends you have, it’s how good the friendships are
digital, Feature Opinion 6 min to read

Jon Liinason, adjunct lecturer at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, recounts hearing how Patricia Johanson uses metaphor to access city treasury
business, Bite Size 5 min to read

In a series of three, Artworks contributor Ulf Waltré sits down with the new president of Stockholm School of Economics Lars Strannegård to discuss the future of the school, culture and the value of a modern education
people, Interview 3 min to read

Whether using temporary or permanent structures, more brands are turning to the creativity and business acumen of architects. Dominic Rodgers has collected some inspiring examples
business, Bite Size 3 min to read
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